liberty cap spores uk

liberty cap spores uk – SPORE SYRINGE TUBE CASE PACKS

Purchase options include: 

1.) One 12 ml. syringe of spore solution (mushroom growing kits and auto )

  • One 12ml syringe of Spore Solution – Semilanceata
  • One 18 gauge luer lock sterile needle.
liberty cap spores uk 
  • Sterile alcohol prep pads
  • Reusable syringe tube case with vinyl end caps. (creates a non-adhesive airtight closure!)

2.)Two 12 ml. syringe of spore solution (sterilized and raw mushroom growing )

  • Two 12ml syringe of Spore Solution – Semilanceata
  • Two 18 Gauge luer lock sterile needles.
  • Sterile alcohol prep pads
  • Reusable syringe tube case with vinyl end caps. (creates a non-adhesive airtight closure!)
liberty cap spores uk
  • For microscopic study attain a clean microscope slide, shake the spore syringe, and add one drop of spore solution on to the microscope slide. Place cover glass over the drop of spore solution. agar liquid culture lab work 

Shipping Conditions: (raw mushroom growing substrates sterilized)

  • Dated and held in ideal storage conditions before shipment. Ships fast and protected in a reusable syringe tube case, wrapped in thermal insulation, which holds the initial ship off temperature longer and minimizes the fluctuation in temperature while in route.

Buy liberty cap spores uk

A single liberty cap spores uk  can produce hundreds of thousands of spores. These are like microscopic plant seeds. They contain all the necessary genetic material to form a new fungus and are essential for its life cycle.

Different species of liberty cap spores uk  all look unique, and so do their spore prints. Because of this, mycologists like to study the pattern of a print to identify its species. To produce spore syringes or vials for microscopy, they can also be suspended in a solution. Identifying mushrooms with microscopy is simple. It is also a really fun hobby!

Psilocybe cubensis – A Sacred Mushroom!

For the microscopy enthusiast, we supply a range of Psilocybe Cubensis, aka ‘Magic Mushroom’ spores. They range from exotic strains like the Amazonian, Thai or Cambodian to the classic strains like Golden Teacher and B+. Mushroom spores are like pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all!

Magic Mushroom Spores are strictly for microscopy research purposes. This is because in the UK, cultivation of this species is prohibited. For those interested in liberty cap spores uk  growing, we provide gourmet mushroom cultures over at Simply combine these with a growing kit for big yields of delicious fruits!

substrates sterilized and raw mushroom


We pack millions of liberty cap spores uk  into our double density microscopy syringes and vials. Some of the spores will clump together and be visible, but most of them cannot be seen by the human eye. To see all the mushroom spores, view them under a microscope at 500x magnification. At Martian Genetics, sterility of all our products is very important. Contaminated products are detrimental for mycologists and microscopy hobbyists alike. Our spore syringes and vials are produced and sterile sealed in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom. This means you will receive a product that is free from any contaminants, inside and out.

how to grow magic mushrooms

Frequent Ask Question on liberty cap spores uk 

What is the largest capped mushroom in the UK? 
A parasitic fungi found growing on dead, deciduous tree trunks and stumps, dryad’s saddle is the largest capped mushroom in the United Kingdom and can grow up to 70cm in diameter.
What is the most expensive mushroom in the UK?
What is this?
White truffles are the rarest and most expensive of all the truffle varieties. Although white truffles are actually quite common across Europe, they’re notoriously hard to find. Truffle hunters will often employ trained truffle dogs or pigs to help locate these expensive fungi.  
What is the most expensive fungi in the UK?
Chanterelle is eaten widely and can be very expensive. It is considered a gourmet fungus by many chefs because of its delicate flavour and succulent texture. It also has medicinal qualities, particularly antibacterial and antiviral properties and contains eight essential amino acids.
What is the most poisonous mushroom in the UK?
liberty cap spores uk
Death capDeath cap (Amanita phalloides)
It contains alpha-amanitin which is responsible for causing liver and kidney failure. Ingestion of just half a cap can lead to death. The world’s most deadly fungus, and it’s common in England. Death cap is responsible for most fatal mushroom poisonings worldwide.
liberty cap spores uk
Is mushroom farming profitable in UK?
Mushroom cultivation can be a very profitable business, especially if you are able to sell your mushrooms at a premium price.

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