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Why get a magic mushroom kit uk 

Our magic mushroom kit uk are produced and processed by mycology experts within cutting-edge cleanroom laboratories to ensure you receive only the cleanest, freshest samples. Spend £35 or more on our products to receive a free 3ml microscopy spore syringe


What is the price of the magic mushroom kit uk ?

The price starts at € 28,50 not including possible discounts and shipping. The shipping cost can be calculated by adding all items you wish to the shopping cart, and there you can fill in country and zipcode to get a pricing
What is a magic mushroom grow kit?
A magic mushroom kit uk t is a way to easily grow your own magic mushrooms.
The Mushroom Grow kit contains:
  • 1x grow box with substrate containing living mycelium (the spores that have developed)
  • 1x transparent grow bag with airfilter
  • 2x paperclips
how to grow magic mushrooms
The substrate in the Magic Mushroom grow kit uk consists of rye, riceflour, vermiculite and perlite. The development of the spores into the mycelium has been done in a sterile laboratory. The only thing that needs to be done to grow the magic mushrooms out of this mycelium is putting the grow box in a warm, light and humid environment. For this you use the transparent grow bag and the paperclip. raw mushroom growing substrates sterilized
You will need access to clean tapwater or mineral water and a warm spot with a temperature between 18°C en 29°C to put the kit to develop. Everything is explained in the magic mushroom growkit manual in a simple way. It also includes tips and recommendations to get the largest produce possible out of the kit. Keep in mind not all grow kits have the same instructions!

How long will it take before the magic mushroom kit uk ?

After the preparation process, which uses minimal effort and is done within the length of a day, your first mushrooms will pop out of the substratum after two weeks! Harvesting can begin a few days later.
How many magic mushroom kit uk  will you get out of the grow kit?
The growing process can be repeated several times, until the nutrients in the substrate are depleted. The first flush (growing spree) of mushrooms will be the largest and the following flushes will be smaller and smaller until no mushrooms grow up anymore. The average result after depletion is between the 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms when the ideal conditions are met. If you take in account that the recommended dose is a portion of 15 grams fresh mushrooms, we will let you do the math! . mushroom growing kits and auto
When will you have the grow kit in your possession?
When we have received your payment, we will ship your order the next business day. Orders will be shipped using United Parcel Service (UPS) and to select countries using PostNL. When placing the order you can choose the shipping method. Here you can see the expected delivery time as well. Generally speaking this is between 1-7 business days to countries in Europe, but this is just an indication and it greatly depends on the local postal services in the country delivering to. Don’t worry! The mycelium in the grow kit can survive up to 14 days in room temperature before they get stressed!
What can go wrong with the magic mushroom kit uk ?
Make sure to check on arrival that the content of the carton box is not damaged. The lid of the plastic growbox should be fixed firmly and it is closed with a plastic seal. When one or both of them are removed during transport, contact us as soon as possible! Read the grow kit instructions carefully and thoroughly before commencing. Then not much can go wrong. Before you put your hands inside the grow bag, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or antibacterial handgel (or wear sterile gloves) to minimize the risk of contamination with bacteria and fungi. Never breath inside the growbag! . agar liquid culture lab work
magic mushroom kit uk

How to grow successfully from your magic mushroom kit uk

The temperature in the grow kit and grow bag should be right for the magic mushrooms to grow. Make sure that the kit stays between 18°C and 29°C (23°C is optimal), also at night. When the temperature is higher or lower than this, the mushrooms will either grow very slow or not at all. Eventually producing less mushrooms than could be expected. Do not put the grow kit in direct sunlight, because it will be too hot for the mushrooms to grow and the substratum will dry out, not producing mushrooms. When the mushrooms are almost mature, pick them right away. In the manual is written how to recognize ripe ones.When you pick them too late, they will drop their spores. This will make the contents of the grow bag color black as you can see in the picture.This is of no effect to your health or the trip, but the energy used for this to happen, will be wasted and you will produce less mushrooms. sterilized and raw mushroom growing
Be a responsible grower and user(substrates sterilized and raw mushroom)
Always make sure to keep the magic mushroom kit uk away from children and animals. Only order products that are legal in your country. Re-use your cultivation supplies as much as possible. If you want to consume mushrooms make sure to do this in a responsible way
magic mushroom kit uk make cultivating mushrooms easy! Rather than fiddling for months, only to find your mycelium cakes contaminated, buying a grow kit gives you a large harvest of magic mushrooms in a matter of weeks.
The process of growing magic mushroom kit uk from scratch is interesting and at times a bit intense, though it’s certainly achievable. However, for most amateur growers, buying a grow kit will likely work out quicker, easier, and less expensive!
Grow kits come with a “cake” (the substrate upon which the mushrooms grow) that’s fully colonised by Psilocybe mycelium. Then, once the cake is open, watered, and exposed to warm temperatures, the mushrooms begin to grow in abundance.
There are two main types of magic mushroom kit uk you can buy at Chiefly, we offer Psilocybe cubensis grow kits. This species grows easily and is the most suited to indoor cultivation, offering very good results with minimal effort. Within this species, there are many different strains to choose from.
Some, like Golden Teacher, are easy to grow, offer great yields, and more gentle effects. Strains like this are most suited to beginners. At the other end of the cubensis scale is McKennaii, thought to be among the strongest magic mushrooms in the world. These shrooms will make you trip incredibly hard, and are advised for more experienced users.
As well as cubensis grow kits, we also offer a grow kit for Panaeolus cyanescens (Copelandia). These are believed to be among the strongest mushrooms in the world. Difficult to grow, but offering a trip like no other, it’s suggested that only seasoned psychonauts try these.
We sell several different brands of magic mushroom kit uk , each with slightly different growing requirements. Therefore, there is no single way to use a magic mushroom grow kit.
However, for each of our brands we offer digital manuals outlining exactly how to use that particular grow kit.
???? Fresh Mushrooms
???? Zamnesia
???? Supa Gro
???? ‘Copelandia Hawaiian’ Grow Kit
???? Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit
You don’t need much to use shroom grow kits. In fact, it can be done with nothing but the contents of the box. However, there are some extras that will improve your results. These are:
  • Heat mat or small heater: magic mushroom kit uk  best at temperatures between 25 and 28°C.
  • Heat guard: Stops the bottom of the grow kit from getting too hot.
  • Hygrometer/thermometer: To measure humidity/temperature.
  • Misting bottle: To spray the walls of the tent.

THE IMPORTANCE OF WORKING STERILE(sterilized and raw mushroom growing )

The conditions in which magic mushroom kit uk  are hospitable for all sorts of bacteria and harmful fungi. Shrooms are fungi after all. As grow kits come fully colonised, they’re pretty resilient against contamination, but it can still occur.
When handling these kits, do so in a clean environment. Wipe surfaces down and make sure it’s generally clean. Wear latex gloves and a face mask if possible; this will keep you from transferring any unwanted life forms to the grow kits.
If a kit gets contaminated, it will not produce mushrooms (or it will produce mushrooms you can’t eat).
???? Are magic mushroom kits easy to use?
???? Can you store magic mushroom grow kits?
⏲️ How long does a magic mushroom kit take to grow?
???? What is the best magic mushroom grow kit?
In order to keep the grow kits fresh, we ship fast and efficiently. Delivered to your door in a matter of days, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with the shipment of our magic mushroom kit uk . If you do, just let us know!

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