cookies and cream


cookies and cream

Each Bar is Infuse With 3g of Our Premium Chocolate Mushrooms
So, living with your strict parents? Want to escape society’s eye? Want to deceit your judgmental peers? Wish to try out these shrooms bad? Your only solution is our “Magic Mushroom Chocolates Bar”!! We make use of the entire fruiting bodies of magic mushrooms, process them, and make yummy chocolate bars! They appear and taste exactly like any other typical chocolate bar, but the outcomes are just way too much. Just store them in a cool, dry place and that’s it! You can enjoy your delight whenever you crave it!


One Up Shroom Bars – Level Up Mushrooms

Even if you want to carry around your mushies, there will absolutely be no issue! You can even send it to your friend who loves these shrooms, without the fear that they will rot. Our Magic Mushroom Chocolates are the yummiest and the most efficient Magic Mushroom edibles in the market.
We use a method that keeps the entire nutritional gains of the antioxidant shrooms intact, hence you can enjoy full-fledged after-effects. So, the best way to flee from society’s eye and to have an ecstatic experience is trying our “oneup bars chocolate”!
So just hurry up! Buy Magic Mushrooms uk and escape all your real-world problems! You can even avail exciting offers and discounts when you purchase our product!


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