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dried chanterelles mushrooms


Dried Scottish Girolles from Fine Food Specialist are smaller than their U.S. cousins, and more desirable to chefs. Once re-hydrated, they swell 4/5 times their dry weight. Perfect with Turbot, or Halibut in particular –  I like to make a ‘brenoise’ (very fine dice) of smoked bacon to accompany the Girolles and fish. Reserve the water that has been used to re-hydrate the mushrooms as this can be used to intensify their flavour.

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Girolle Mushrooms (Chanterelles)

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In Europe, our most popular wild mushroom is the golden chanterelle (Cantharellus Cibarius). also known as the girolle.
These mushrooms grow from May to October (Scottish varieties from July to October). in deciduous and coniferous forests and in low-humus, acid soil. They are completely wild, which means they cannot be grown.
At pyschedelics mushroom. we do grow mushrooms such as different varieties of Oyster mushrooms. Shiitake and Lion’s Mane, but we are unable to replicate the growing conditions for the girolle. Nobody can do that; they are wild. Humans and animals have foraged & enjoyed girolle Mushrooms for many thousands of years. During the summer months through to the autumn. these fungi provide a sustainable, friendly source of protein. To understand the girolle we need to know a bit about how they grow. And to do this we must understand how mushrooms in general grow.

There are two main parts of a mushroom fungus:

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The above the ground fruiting body (sporophore) and the underground mycelium. Mycelium is a vast, complex network of cells that form thin fibres, like miniscule roots. Much like the veins and capillary network in our bodies. which reach out under the forest floor in search of nutrients.
Although you cannot see it. The underground mycelium is the main part of a mushroom and it’s vital for the growth of the fungus. Indeed, it is the most important part. When a mushroom matures, the underside of the cap releases spores. A spore lands in a spot with ideal growing conditions, it germinates. Producing thread-like filaments called hyphae that grow, interconnect and form mycelium. People often assume that mushrooms are plants, but this is not so; they are fungi. Mushrooms don’t use photosynthesis like plants for food production. Instead, the mycelium grows by absorbing nutrients from dead and decaying organic matter.
Mycelium lives for many years. And may remain dormant for several seasons until conditions are perfect for fruiting. It survives only to reproduce and keep its species going. Extensive networks of mycelium spread over large distances underground. and connect fungi to each other.

Appearance of the dried chanterelles mushrooms

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The Girolle’s fruiting body is the part of that mushroom we love to eat. They usually grow at the foot of Beech and Birch trees. The fruiting body will produce and distribute spores so the fungus can reproduce. It usually has a funnel-shaped cap with a diameter up to 10 cm. with a wavy irregular edge to the cap of the mushroom and false gills on the underside of the cap. Colour varies from light yellow to deep egg-yolk yellow. When growing in clusters, as is often the case, the stems are often curved and joined together near the base. It is often difficult to differentiate an edible mushroom from other poisonous ones. So, we wouldn’t recommend foraging to novices.
Purchasing off pyschedelics mushroom takes the worry and the stress out of sourcing these delicacies. All you need to do is order them online

What do Girolle Mushrooms (Chanterelles) Taste Like?

Girolles have a woodsy, apricot aroma, and taste peppery and full of flavour. They are exquisite when sauteed in a little butter. served up on toast, or added to creamy sauces and pasta dishes. They are excellent with potatoes and polenta too. They need very little preparation, brushing off any dirt or forest material. Rinsing is not recommended, or necessary. When sauteed they will release moisture. But you can keep them on the heat till the moisture evaporates which results in a concentrated flavour.

Girolle Mushroom (Chanterelles) Nutritional benefits:

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These mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D . 60g will provide up to 20 micrograms. (30-100% of your recommended daily intake) Vitamin D supports bone health. encouraging the intestine to absorb calcium. They also provide the body with Chitosan which stimulates the immune system in cell renewal. reduce inflammation and lowering the risk of developing cancers. They are low in calories, gluten & cholesterol free and as such perfect for most palates.
At psychedelics mushroom we use professional pickers to source our girolles in Europe. We are mindful that this delicate ecosystem needs protecting. So we can all enjoy the benefits of girolles and other wild mushrooms in the future. As such, we are responsible with our selection of picking. As a business it would be short-sighted of us to decimate a forest floor.  We do not strip an area of woodland so nothing remains. We only pick mature specimens which will already have released their spores. And make sure that the young mushrooms are left so that their spores can continue to release into the environment. A mushroom spore is like a seed in that it contains all the genetic material required to grow new mushrooms. This way it ensures that the mycelium network can proliferat

Health Benefits of dried chanterelles mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms are attractive fungi with trumpet-like cups and wavy, wrinkled ridges. The mushrooms vary in color from orange to yellow to white, depending on where they grow.
Chanterelle mushrooms are part of the Cantharellus family. with Cantharellus cibarius, the golden or yellow chanterelle. as the most widespread variety in Europe. The Pacific northwest in the United States has its own variety, Cantharellus formosus. the Pacific golden chanterelle. The eastern United States is home to Cantharellus cinnabarinus. a beautiful red-orange variety known as cinnabar chanterelle.
Unlike farmed mushrooms or field fungi. chanterelles are mycorrhizal and need a host tree or shrub to grow. They grow in the soil next to trees and shrubs, not on the plants themselves.
Popular in many parts of the world. chanterelle mushrooms are well-loved for their fruity flavor. The mushrooms also offer several notable health benefits.

Health Benefits of dried chanterelles mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms are best known for being rich in vitamin D . Many grown mushrooms don’t contain much vitamin D . Because they’re grown in dark, indoor environments.
Wild-harvested mushrooms like chanterelle, morel. And maitake contain high amounts of vitamin D thanks to their natural habitats. In fact, half a cup of chanterelles can have anywhere from 5 to 20 micrograms of vitamin D . This works out to about 30 to 100 percent of your daily recommended intake.

Better Bone Health

Vitamin D helps to support your bone health and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for your body. It works to stimulate proteins in your small intestine. helping to absorb calcium and strengthen your bones.
People need more vitamin D as they age to avoid developing bone. conditions such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis. Adults up to age 50 should get about 15 micrograms of vitamin D each day. while adults older than 50 should get about 20 micrograms.

Immune Support

Chanterelle mushrooms are an excellent source of polysaccharides like chitin and chitosan. These two compounds help to protect your cells from damage. And stimulate your immune system to produce more cells. They’re also known to help reduce inflammation . and lower the risk of developing certain cancer

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